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  • What Writing is About

    The craft of writing, especially on the internet, is very obfuscated. You will learn tricks from all kinds of people; from blogs, 10 tips on the latest craze, or how to focus more or get more ideas. It’s very convoluted, but what I actually think writing on the web is about is only two things: […]

  • Ignore the News

     The purpose of the news is to get your attention and sell your eyeballs. Its secondary purpose is to inform. Do you write a daily blog? Where do you get your ideas? I have a few methods I use to get daily ideas– sometimes from conversations, or offline stuff, and sometimes from online when […]

  • Have a good blog? You need a good archive.

    Your archive page is probably the least considered of your blog’s design. Look at any WordPress blog out there, and you’ll see basically the same thing– a sidebar with links, kind of confusing, not much else. Stresslimit and I decided to solve this by releasing our first WordPress plugin. Justin, Colin, and the rest of the […]

  • Protip: Your inactive blog makes you irrelevant

    If you aren’t current, you may as well not exist. This is my conclusion after reading Sylvain Carle recent post (in French, sorry) that tells me who inspires him in Montreal, the city I call my home. The gist is the following: Carle lists 21 people that inspire him, and I like him a lot, […]