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I don’t know what kind of kid you guys were but I personally was one of those kids that never wore clothes, never wore enough clothes in the winter, -40 degrees. Only recently have I come to discover that, shit! My father was right. My parents were right and goddamn old people. They got it figured out. For once in my life, finally they’ve convinced me and here I am I’m becoming an old, fucking geezer.

In Over Your Head #131. Julien Smith is my name. See the thing is, is that the scarf and the undershirt, yes, they make you look like a total dork but at the same time you won’t freeze in the dead winters of Montreal, which are quickly approaching here in this city. You guys remember what cold sounds like right? You know what it’s like. Yes, you’re bound in your air conditioning and your cruise control. You bastards do remember what temperature is like in the outside world, right? Okay, great. Let me tell you, it’s no good. One time, when I was going to goth clubs, you know what I gotta say, it’s just like I was walking home at 4 o’clock in the morning in a -40 degree weather with my trench coat and my leather pants. I looked at a snow bank and this is how cold and how tired I was and it kind of said something about explorers in the North Pole maybe. I looked down and I said, “You know, I could just go to sleep right now. I could just sleep. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing, wouldn’t it? I am really tired right now.” I almost lay down. This is a real story. I almost lay down and died due to sheer exhaustion from the fucking cold in Montreal.

Here we are, In Over Your Head #131. Let’s get this shit started already. What the fuck are we doing? We have no idea. We don’t care.

[Guilty Simpson – Clap Your Hands plays]

Possibly produced by J Dilla if my ears do not deceive me. Guilty Simpson with the track Clap your Hands off the Chrome Children compilation, which is pretty fucking sweet. Let me tell you, it’s the 10th anniversary of Stones Throw Records founded by Peanut Butter Wolf, one of the greatest producers in all of hip-hop and definitely a musician, man of high caliber, seriously important shit. So, I think we’re going to do a whole episode today, which all the music are coming out of Stones Throw because the material that they produce is just fucking incredible. We can keep it going for as long as possible. So, welcome.

It’s just a couple of days before I have to go to Banff. Oh, by the way… Oh, shit! I’m all out of sync, fuck, but I got this like comment line because I used to have one and I was like, “Fuck, nobody’s using it.” Now, I have a cult. I don’t know if you guys know this but it’s like a veritable cult. People call my voice mail, I’m not gonna name them, but I know you’re listening, Chris Brogan, and they call my voicemail. I fucking freak out about my last episode for literally like 5-10 minutes and I’m like, “Okay, guy, chill, chill! Why did I give this guy my phone number?! Fuck! That was stupid! Shit! Shit!” So, instead I got a comment line so I don’t have to give out my fucking phone number to you cult members. I feel pretty good about it.

In a couple of days I’m going to Banff to support a project called HAL, which I don’t want to go into details about. You could take a look on my website, inoveryourhead.net, but basically what it is, is it allows local content distribution that let in Wi-Fi spots in a certain city, in this case Montreal for now, and you are going to take this sort of stuff and you’d be like, “Okay.” Then we are going to give access to local artists, podcast producers, video blogging producers, all these people that like don’t have that many means of distribution for their stuff and then take it and just like put it on. So anybody that accesses the Wi-Fi hotspot immediately has access to all of this stuff. They don’t have to go on a website. They don’t have to do anything. It just kind of like appears into their iTunes, which is pretty fucking cool and I’m really excited about giving other people the opportunity. So, we got sent to Banff for this thing and that’s going to be pretty cool. I’m taking a flight and I’ve never been down.

There’s a thing that I’ve been thinking about and I proposed it to some people as I was traveling to Toronto last week. Did I say 132? This episode must be 132 because I mean we did the thing with Angie in the middle but it wasn’t really an episode. We’re just going to call this 132. We’re just going to see how it flows. So, back to the thing. I was talking with my friends and of course my friends love to talk politics and love to talk trash. This the kind of person that I need in my life like more people that will just like not shut up like I don’t talk enough so I need more people that don’t talk enough. So, this is my theory and I’ll let you guys know and you tell me what it is that you think about it and whether or not it has any value. Okay. We’re all from a fairly liberal camp here. None of us — well maybe some of us vote Republican. I don’t know who listens to this show. If you are one of these people then you can feel free to chime in as well, but this is my theory for the day. You got two kinds of general people and these are very huge generalizations and I mean the world is not so evenly split but for the purpose of this kind of like example, we are going to divide it this way. So, you have the generally conservative people. These generally conservative people tend to be more religious. They tend to have more children because they are more associated with family values.

Then we have liberal people. Now, liberal people, in general, are less prone to religious thought, let’s say, or they reject religious thought and they tend to have less children and like the idea of having children for themselves less. One could say that this is selfish but I’m not going to get into that. I don’t really know what my thought is. I’m too fucking young. Right now, I’m just scared of babies in general. So, this is the thing. You’ve got these two general camps. This is my question to the people that listen to the podcast and the podosphere, I guess, in general.

Are these people that are liberal wiping themselves out of the gene pool? They like to have less children. They want the world to become more liberal. I mean they want people to vote, let’s say Democrat, in the United States or they want to vote NDP in Canada or any number of other parties worldwide. In the meantime, it’s the conservative “religious” people that are having more children that are more into family values and less with urban living that are having all the children and instilling their children with these family values. Am I not right? If you have five kids, these five kids are generally gonna grow up or be more prone to growing up like you than if they were brought up by somebody else. You have a great effect on these kids. So, if you’re really in tune and you wanna sort of be like, “Okay, so in the future I would like people to be more in tune with gay rights.” Again, we’re making generalizations. I’m not saying that Republicans are necessarily anti-gay or like right wing conservative people are necessarily anti-gay, but let’s say that these camps are sort of divided in that way.

You’ve got liberal people who are pro-gay rights. They’re pro, I don’t know, fuck, I don’t know, anti-corporation let’s say. All these things that are generally associated with the political left. You take these people and they are going, “You know, I really wanna get people to understand the idea,” and yet they refuse to have kids. You know what I mean? In general, they have less. That’s how it works. It’s people that are told by God that they have to have children or are told by their families that they have to have children. They have children and they promote this like these memes. If you’re not familiar with the word meme, it’s a deviation from the word gene. Its spelled M-E-M-E and it was invented by Dr. Richard Dawkins, a genius of a geneticist. You can look up his books if you want to. I’ll put up some links on inoveryourhead.net. Well, you should be going or you should be already. Oh, what’s my comment line number?

Considering I just got it, I really have no idea what it is. So we’re gonna open a browser right now and we’re going to figure it out, hold on. I recently switched over to Firefox, too. Firefox, come on. There we go. Yeah, I recently switched over to Firefox because I was trying all of these browsers and we all know that no browser is perfect and every browser pisses you off, especially when you’re on MySpace. In this case, all of my browsers have recently been crashing on MySpace so I ‘m thinking it has something to do with that. Yes, I love all of my 9300 friends in case you’re asking. So, I’ve been switching back and forth and trying all these other things, you know, like I want something with all this cool integration of social software and blah, blah, blah, but that’s just not going for me, man. So, we’re back to Firefox here even though it’s slower than Safari, but Safari doesn’t load things properly. I’m doing all this web design so recently I’ve been thinking about all these things and like going, “Whoa, what camp am I supposed to be involved in?” At the same time, you’ve got this whole situation of — we are talking about voting with your children, right? So, that’s essentially what it is. Every time you have a kid, you put your vote in for what the world is gonna be like based on the fact that you are going to teach some certain things. This is really funny, actually.

So, here’s my comment line number. It’s available on my website but if you take a look at it and you know me, you’ll realize it’s funny because it includes my street address and that’s all I’m gonna say about it. It almost, in fact, includes my entire street address apartment number as well. So, it’s kind of scary, but here is the number and it’s not a Canadian number and it will cost you long distance, but you fucking worship me so call the comment line already. You know what I’m saying? I don’t ask for a lot, 206-338-5505. Once again, 206-338-5505. Call me and I will play your shit on the show if you’re reasonably intelligent. If you’re an idiot, well then don’t call my fucking comment line and waste my time. Most of the people that listen to the show, I think you guys are smart. So, please do yourself a favor. If you are stupid, wipe yourself out of the gene pool, but then you would be stupid and you wouldn’t know how to do that. So, you wouldn’t know to do that — the world is going to hell, isn’t it? That’s what I thought, yeah.

[Madvillain – Money Folder plays]

Okay, Madvillain the track I — boy, Jesus, far from an expert, Money Folder, MF Doom. It’s funny because this is the album that I’ve listened to like when I still had a CD player and not an iPod and still again now I don’t have an iPod. Send me an iPod people! So, I was like listening to this CD. This is like one of the first CDs I ever sort of when I really started buying a lot of hip-hop all the time and like na-na-na… Not right before I started my show, let’s say like a year before or something like that. I was really getting into it and going into all of this arcane shit and just being like, I don’t know, like really getting into the jar. As time goes on, it is just like more and more I get myself into these fucking like — I’m one of these people that like I get into something I tend to like, “Okay, so now it’s time to know it fucking by heart!” So, it’s like that or I don’t care about it at all, but now I think I take a long-term attitude to that in the sense that what I’ll be doing is I’ll be like, “Okay, you know, like I really want to be an expert at this and I know that as long as I continue to learn, I will be. It’s the whole theory of you can go as slow as you want to as long as you don’t stop.” This is one of these things. It’s like one of those slogans. God I hate slogans. I hate that kitsch like fucking aspect of self-development and all this shit.

I was talking with this friend of mine recently who lives in Texas. Her name is Madeline. She already as well admits that she’s like fucking freaking about like getting things done and all these fucking self-help books like The Artists’ Way and shit like that. We’re just talking about how eventually you just kind of have to kind of give up, you know what I mean? You’ve got to allow yourself to chill out or life will kind of end up passing you by as you’re like fucking obsessing about shit. On the other hand, my roommate yesterday comes up to me and says, “You know you’re a reasonably smart individual. It’s too bad you waste so much fucking time on bullshit like reading fucking like idiot blogs and like fucking following links from morons.” You know what I mean? He’s right like the fucking potential that everybody has, not just me, but like everybody, if they actually like fucking put their mind to it… This isn’t one of those like 10% of your brain bullshit fucking physiology things. It’s just like the basic principle of human life. Everybody is fucking wasting time all the time and just like so much shit is gone. I like my friend Pascal. I am going to HAL with him in Banff. He like, “I work like a fucking maniac. I work for 30 hours at a time.” Then one month out of the year he’ll just drop off the place of the planet. No email, no nothing, he’ll be like, “Okay, I’m going to Cuba,” and he’ll stay there for a month with his girlfriend, you know what I mean? This is, “I play hard and I work hard.” This is the kind of thing where you’re like, “Well, this is like a really great way to live,” but at the same time most people are too lazy. I myself am too lazy and therefore I should — this is something to strive for, I think.

Yeah I want to get back to this concept of voting with your dollar, right? I really thought this thing was kind of like a commonsense concept, but as I was discussing with my loud mouth friends at the car, it occurred to me that a few of them, probably a fair number of people have not heard of this. We were talking about making political change in the world and going, “Oh yeah, make sure to vote, to na-na-na-na, and campaign with your, I don’t know, senator, whatever the fuck you have in your retarded backwards country.” I’m not pointing at anyone people. It could be any country. I’m just finding that every time you spend one of your hard earned dollars that is where your real vote goes because I mean we know governments, although they have a certain amount of power and blah, blah, blah, that there is a great deal of power as well in decisions made by large corporations or even small entities.

In terms of percentage like let’s say you give a dollar to Starbucks. That dollar to Starbucks is worth shit. If you give your dollar to a smaller time independent coffee house that has, this is a pretty good example, I just came back from coffee, in fact at a Starbucks — yes, I know I’m a hypocrite, 206-338-5505. So, I spend $2 on coffee but there’s this other place, Café Rico, right a little bit further and it’s an organic place, it costs a dollar for a cup of coffee. How they do this, and its organic coffee like, how? Explain. Fair trade organic coffee, a dollar. Explain this to me. You know? This is telling me something about the industry of coffee brewing that I did not know before. It points to something is all I’m saying. So, you’ve got this whole thing where you’re like, “Okay, I could spend that dollar and that dollar to Starbucks is worth shit but that dollar to this organic coffee place, percentage wise,” just percentages, let’s forget about actual purchase power or anything like that. Can you tell I’m obsessed with economics? I fucking love economics. I love it, I love it, I love it. So, with that percentage, the percentage to this local coffee place is so much more and so you spend two bucks at this place, this place can use that $2 on a significantly more powerful way. It’s too bad this place has really shitty Wi-Fi because sometimes you just gotta work at a place that has Wi-Fi that works. Regrettably, the one with the most consistent Wi-Fi is in fact the gigantic chain with the green logo from the United States. So, it’s like what are you gonna do?

Well I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. I could be like, “Hey what’s up? Your Wi-Fi sucks, can I help?” You know what I mean? That’s one option. We should all be doing this but just like vote with your dollar, you know? This is what I’m talking about. It’s like every time that you spend money on a shitty webhosting, it’s the same thing. It boils down to — the core of this argument goes for literally everything that you do. Every time you buy a Microsoft product, you’re helping Microsoft do what they do. Likewise, every time you use Google, you’re helping Google do whatever they do, you know what I mean? It works with every industry and it’s likewise if I buy a print from an artist, then that print is worth a certain amount to them and it means that they’re gonna be able to support themselves, to work on their own shit for a certain period of time where normally they would not be able to because they were like, “Wow, somebody bought one of my prints!”

I even did this one time with this guy, this utter maniac who I will not name but who lives in this city and he’s a photographer. He has a bunch of pictures of his finger that is cut off, his pinky finger that is cut off and on purpose. Now I’m not gonna make a judgment call on this because I know as soon as people hear this, they are going to be like, “What the fuck? Are you kidding me?” Suffice it to say that in the world I come from, this is not as crazy as it sounds and I’m not even going to get into it. I don’t want to get into it. If you guys really want to hear about it then fucking email me and I guess we’ll talk about it later, but for the point let me just say that’s what he did and it’s a great photo in fact that is just like from a guy that cut the edge of his pinky finger off like one fold like sort of section of the finger. I think about it now, I’ve got this on my fucking kitchen, which is pretty ironic like last month where I ended up fucking — oh, shit! 23 minutes and 40 seconds. You people, I just keep talking when I’m with you. I don’t know what to do about it. Sirius listeners, I love you dearly. Thank you for your continued worship of every portion of my being and everything that I do. Inoveryouhead.net is where you can show your love, so go do it. I’ll see you later, peace.

As for the rest of us, we’re gonna hear some more shit. I think MED or Medaphoar is turning into my favorite rapper. Let’s finish this section by playing a track by Medaphoar off the same Chrome Children album, which I fucking love to death. Holy crap!

[MED – All I Know plays]

You guys are aware it’s all about flow right? That’s it, MED. I’m serious, my fucking favorite rapper right now. I just keep hearing his shit and like watching some of the videos that Stones Throw is making and I’m just like, “Fuck, this is gold!” J Dilla who is one of the producers for many of the tracks on this album and from other stuff has now passed away. He was a great producer that was under recognized, unfortunately. Look up J Dilla or Jay Dee and you’ll see exactly what it is that I mean like he has so much amazing shit. He’s just like, I don’t know, it’s just like amazing stuff.

Yeah, I want to finish this under 30 minutes, but I think I want to kind of like satisfy everyone. This is the final track by Peanut Butter Wolf, like I said the founder of the Stones Throw record label. He does amazing shit so here is the track. We’re going to go under 30 minutes, hopefully. I just want to finish it up with you guys and say what’s up and thanks very much for listening. If you’re not subscribed, please try to subscribe. It should be evident how to do so on the website, inoveryourhead.net. Give me a call, whatever it is you want to do, and like it’s good. I’m down. I love chilling with you guys every week so hope you guys enjoy it too and that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you after I get back. Peace.


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