In Over Your Head: Learning by Doing

  • How to Deal With Arrogant People

    I was mid-way through writing a post about this when I realized I had already written one in 2010. Regardless, here is my take on the issue from 2013, since I wrote it already. 🙂 It will always happen that you meet nay-sayers, disbelievers, or just straight up rotten, arrogant people. No matter how far […]

  • Your marketing job is about to become an engineering job. Get used to it.

    There is so much happening, so fast, in the world of marketing that I would never have guessed as a “social media guy.” First, the rise of the growth hacker. This is a term familiar to basically all people who work at startups, but few outside of it, as of yet, yet it means that engineers […]

  • 5 Things I Changed to Present Like Steve Jobs

    God, what a link bait worthy title. I’m both disgusted and impressed with myself at the same time. 🙂 Anyway, I realized something recently. I’ve only done a few presentations— about half a dozen– since I’ve launched Breather. Some have been big (Google, Le Web, etc.) but others have been tiny. But as I got […]

  • … But the City You Live in Now Matters Too

    I mentioned a point during a past post that I kind of want to expand upon. Thesis Where you live is not trivial– at all. Your environment is everything for you. It shapes you. It’s made you who you are, from the people you spend time with to the very streets you are driving in […]

  • Coming Soon: A Totally Mechanized City

    I’m totally fascinated by this imaginary article from the future on TechCrunch about Uber. It’s moments like these when you realize what cities will become in the future. Seriously. Driverless cars– no drivers will ever be able to compete with the lowering of prices that will occur when you make robots drive cars. The margins skyrocket, the […]

  • On James Altucher

    The first time I received an email from James, it was in 2010 after I published this post— definitely the most radical thing I had written at the time, I think. He wrote me an email that said: “I think you’re right. I care too much.” The rest is pretty much history. Three and a […]

  • Waterfall

    You might notice that the title of these blog posts are pretty much random words. You’ll also notice that I rarely do headline grabbing. When I do, I go all the way, and the posts tend to go viral. But most of the time I don’t. I’ll tell you why. You can do this waterfall […]

  • Tent

    Your opinion is totally irrelevant to reality. Reality isn’t aware of the fact that you don’t like Twitter. Reality does not care whether you understand the new technology that’s coming out. Technology– and life, for that matter– has a trajectory. Things are happening whether you like them or not. That’s why it’s best for you to […]

  • Tornado

    Problems, when far away, look terrifying. They look like they are going to destroy you, your business, your relationships, and everything else. No matter how often you encounter them, they will always provoke the same reaction. The same pattern you lived over the years before, that is the pattern you will live now. It’s human […]

  • Trail

    This time, right now, is probably one of the biggest opportunities you will ever have in your whole life. This isn’t just hyperbole or cliche (though it’s also both). In reality, huge things are emerging today that you have access to at almost no cost. If you get your hands on them, they’ll let you […]