In Over Your Head: Learning by Doing

  • What is Breather?

    Wow, ok, so today is the day. Big launch in front of thousands of people, press, etc. It’s all happening. It’s real. Today is the day I launch the company I conceived of around a year ago. It’s a company called Breather. A company that I have been working on crazy hard for a very […]

  • Chase Jarvis LIVE

    T-minus two hours and I will be on my friend Chase Jarvis‘ great show, Chase Jarvis LIVE, along with My Goodness, talking about creativity, drive, and of course, not giving a fuck. Chase is a great host and always frank and cool with guests. Previous ones have included my doppelgänger Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss, and […]

  • Untitled Essay

    I know who I want to be. Do you? An important part of discovering / creating your own future is to find out, or plan, who you are going to become. This sounds kind of obvious– doesn’t everyone think about this?– but in reality, it isn’t often done. That’s because exerting your will on the […]

  • Missing the Subway

    People always talk about “missing the boat,” but I think differently. I think of opportunity as a series of subways, running through a station, one after the other. What station you are in doesn’t matter. You could be near or far, but that’s irrelevant. Where you start is just a matter of chance, and isn’t […]

  • A New Chapter

    Where to even begin? So, I’ve been away a long time. A few people have noticed. Most probably haven’t. That’s ok. There were times a while back where I was blogging often. Others where I blogged only once a month. Maybe it evens out. Because of some posts, the new visitors and subscribers keep coming […]

  • Homework. XI.

    We live in a time where more information and resources are available than ever. The Internet has made it possible to connect with people you would have never been able to otherwise. Social media provides us with the incredible power to reach out to anyone. With all the resources that come with the so-called “information […]

  • Work

    I woke up at 5:30 this morning after a weird dream about Professor X and Wolverine. It was one of those mind reading things. Wolverine was trying to save the day from something (whatever it was), but Professor X knew about it and wanted to stop him. Wolverine was trying to sneak out. I think […]

  • Don’t Look Down

    (Submitted by Markus Almond, who sent me this cool book a while back and runs this thing.) Every successful person does something that absolutely terrifies them. Whether it’s public speaking or giving your boss a resignation letter, no one has ever made it to the other side without taking a stumbling leap of faith. But […]

  • All Subtlety is Lost

    I made this for the guys at KoPoint. It’s nice to be making this kind of content again occasionally. 🙂 “Louder is not the answer. More is not the answer. The important moments in life happen with your friends and by yourself. Nothing important won an Academy Award. If everything in life is getting louder, […]

  • Homework. X.

    Everyone is flawed. No single person has every answer. Success, as a process, comes from learning as much as you can. As you figure out what your weak points are and correct them, you will become better. Your patterns will get more efficient. You’ll get more done in less time. Finally, your patterns will change. […]