What happened after the credits?

Some things will change here shortly. No expectations as to what.

Comments will likely go off. The internet has changed and there are too many places for comments – too few for just pure writing.

There are too many places owned by others – so it’s important to own something yourself.

Less links, and less media, probably – there is already too much of that, too.

Less gimmicks. Etc. Although we’ll see. Gimmicks tend to take off (a few of mine have), which makes them hard to resist.

I’ve been asked to keep writing more times than I can count but there is a conflict between running a company (of a certain type) and writing plainly – because you are always in view. So you kind of have to design your way around that. I eventually figured it out, but it took several years.

You can see above a photo of me at the age of 40. If you look around, you’ll find photos of me at 30, as well, and probably 25, because that’s how long this blog has existed.

You’ll note that I am the same person – the same creases and lines and everything else. Everything has just deepened.

So I imagine that’s what will happen here. Things will deepen.

Whatever that means.