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Ads in captchas


We see them every day. We type them in when we comment. Now, this idea for combining captchas with advertising. Loic seems to like it, but personally, I am repulsed by the idea. In fact, let me phrase it as straight up as I can:

Putting an ad in your captchas is a great way to get me to unsubscribe from your blog. Yes, I care that much. I find the idea repugnant.

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6 Responses to “Ads in captchas”

  1. hugh Says:

    fight the power.

  2. Steve Says:

    Just curious as to why you find the idea so repugnant? It’s kind of a blank “i hate” statement, no?

  3. anji bee Says:

    wow i haven’t seen those. guess i haven’t been going to the big sellout blogs and commenting. i would hate that shit, too, dude.

  4. Dave LaMorte Says:

    I think that this is the way advertising is going. As we get smarter, some marketers feel that they need to catch you where you least expect it.

  5. Rob McDougall Says:

    Will this really work?

    Podcast advertising seems to work surprisingly well. I have no interest in Splenda whatsoever, but I almost found myself recommending it to a friend the other day… having never tried it – just because Adam Curry’s et al are always banging on about it !

  6. Bitcloud Says:

    Advertising in Captchas is last week..

    Advertising in blog posts about advertising in captchas is the future…

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