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The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class


This video is about an hour long, but it is required viewing in my book. Information is power.

(Hat tip to Economist’s View.)

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3 Responses to “The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class”

  1. Clyde Smith Says:

    I’ve never watched an hour long video online before.

    She’s so good at pointing how totally f*cked we are.


  2. M@ Says:

    So What happens after this collapse? The rich guys gonna build a wall? Julian! I need a gaget recomendation..or do you have a posted review on anything. Whats the all in one, one might find most useful? I know your sponsors give you cool shit…and I also know this isn’t a tech podcast.


  3. John Says:

    Very interesting. She has some real food for thought there.

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