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Ok, I just opened my mail and found this. I know it’s probably a viral marketing or ARG thing… I just don’t know for WHAT. Either way though, it’s pretty cool.


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5 Responses to “???”

  1. Michelle / chepixie Says:

    I’m sure you’ve been told by now but J.C. Hutchins and a few others received similar packages:


  2. Stephen Hopson Says:

    What a strange looking package! I wonder what it’s for? If it’s a viral marketing campaign, shouldn’t they at least identify themselves to get you to contact them or something?

    I once received a very interesting envelope in the mail with my business card laminated. It was from someone at SOBCon08 who had gotten my card and then laminated it, put it in a card promoting his book “word of mouth book dot com” It sure got my attention!

  3. Rob McDougall Says:

    Did it kill you? No posts for a month!

  4. Jackson Says:

    Julien, Julien…

    Where are you?

    It’s so sad that you stopped podcasting. Now you’re not blogging either.

    Come on… not that many people in this world get an opportunity like this, to have an audience/community of people who want to hear what you have to say, and are eagerly waiting for you to “come back” as it were.

    Is everything OK?

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