Chilling with Anji – transcript

Julien Smith: I’m recording as of now.

Anji Bee: All right.

Julien Smith: Are we on?

Anji Bee: We’re on, baby.

Julien Smith: Okay, because this thing… I’ve never officially done this in this way before.

Anji Bee: Oh, a virgin.

Julien Smith: Yeah, a virgin in that sense, and so I’m…

Anji Bee: This is my first time, too, Julien.

Julien Smith: Really? And how does that make you feel, Anji? Does it make you feel good? Are you nervous?

Anji Bee: I’m really excited.

Julien Smith: You’re nervous.

Anji Bee: I’m really excited to be with you today.

Julien Smith: Yeah? I’m excited, too.

Anji Bee: Virtually.

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly. Not really, although we did meet in real life a couple of weeks ago.

Anji Bee: I know. I should have taken better advantage of that. I’m kicking myself like I saw all these pictures of you making out with everybody, except for me!

Julien Smith: What? That is a lie!

Anji Bee: What am I doing?

Julien Smith: That is a total lie! I made out with no one. I’m just like, okay babes, come on, anytime.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: It’s like, babes? Hello? Babes? There were no babes.

Anji Bee: Babes and dudes. Come on, let’s tell it like it is. There are many pictures of you hugging dudes and chicks.

Julien Smith: No, but the thing is the dudes, they come after me like nobody’s business. Like, the truth be told…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Like, I don’t know about you, I’ll tell you my little story. I know girls are continuously like harassed all the time by guys because they’re like so forward or whatever.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: But to me it happens because Montreal is a very gay city, so I get all…

Anji Bee: Oh, really?

Julien Smith: Yeah, my God, it’s huge! The gays, the big gay like community. Massive!

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s funny because where I live, Long Beach, is a huge gay community, too. We have like the, you know, the gay parade every year and everything.

Julien Smith: Yeah, there we go, so I think ours is fairly large. There’s one in Rio De Janero in Brazil, which is about the same size and then there’s San Francisco and I think that that’s it, but Montreal is huge.

Anji Bee: Wow, that’s weird!

Julien Smith: I’m drinking some tea, so I’m like kinda like… No, it’s a…

Anji Bee: Well, gay communities are always great for artists. It’s just the kind of place I feel comfortable living.

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: I can’t imagine not living in a big gay community.

Julien Smith: No, I agree. Exactly.

Anji Bee: But yeah, so I tend to think that people are gay before I even think they’re straight. Like, I kinda thought you were gay.

Julien Smith: Yeah, I know, but that’s not the — this is why this happens to me. It’s because I walk around in the street and gay men will be like — because the way gay men interact with other gay men is very different from the way they interact with women because when straight men interact with women, they go, “Oh, hi, you seem to be interested. Can I maybe buy you a drink?” It’s very awkward, but with gay men with gay men, this is how they interact. I know because they think I am one. They always they are like…

Anji Bee: Yeah, what’s all that pink you wear.

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly!

Anji Bee: You try to say it’s really tough to wear pink, but I’m not so sure about that.

Julien Smith: I’m telling you.

Anji Bee: At least you’re comfortable with your sexuality, Julien.

Julien Smith: You have to be comfortable with the pink. It’s just something that you have to do, you know? Sometimes you come to a realization, that’s just the way it works, you know?

Anji Bee: Yeah, I love how you did the whole pink load of lingerie. I was like, what?

Julien Smith: Oh, my God! Dude, three days after I did that recording…

Anji Bee: Yes?

Julien Smith: For the people that haven’t listened to it, it’s just a recording where I’m like — basically, I just talked about how real men wear pink as much as possible to prove how big men they really are.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Three days after that like four items out of my pink load were ruined either…

Anji Bee: Oh no!

Julien Smith: Yeah, yeah. My girlfriend at the time accidentally screwed up like two of the items and they came out like with green dye all over them and then the other two were like…

Anji Bee: Oh, that sucks ass!

Julien Smith: I don’t know what happened to them like — so, it’s like all of my — and therefore my manliness is gone, you know? I was manly, but now I’m not anymore.

Anji Bee: Aw, well, you know, you can always buy some red dye and like “repinkefy” some of your stuff.

Julien Smith: Yeah I know. One of them was one of these free items. You know when you get items that are free? They’re always amazing.

Anji Bee: Yeah?

Julien Smith: This is one of these free items that you only get like…

Anji Bee: Like schwag?

Julien Smith: But so good. No, it’s like one of those perfect items that somebody gives you, and they’re like, “Hey, maybe you’ll like this!” I’m like, “Okay.” I try it on and it was like the most perfect fucking shirt in the universe.

Anji Bee: Oh, my God. Hey, you were rockin’ the pink at the UnExpo actually.

Julien Smith: Yeah, I wore that shirt precisely. I bought it the day before I left. I was like I gotta rock the pink.

Anji Bee: No way!

Julien Smith: I gotta rock it, you know?

Anji Bee: Oh, my God. Yeah, it also had a little V-neck so you could just kind of — it was like a little peek-a-boo of your tattoo, it was very tantalizing.

Julien Smith: Oh, was it tantalizing? You felt tantalized?

Anji Bee: I was like, “What is that tattoo? Well, I won’t ask him to take his shirt off, that might be rude, but I…”

Julien Smith: Did you do that?

Anji Bee: Well, I was already rude enough when I stuck my finger through your ear piercing, but I couldn’t resist! It was like totally finger-sized.

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly. You know, it’s been that size for like, let’s say, five years?

Anji Bee: Wow!

Julien Smith: And it’s remarkable like sometimes people will come up to me, they’ll be like, “Hey, what’s up? Can I like put my finger?” and they put their finger on…

Anji Bee: Everyone wants to do it?

Julien Smith: I fucking like shriek like “Aahhh!!!” and then they jump back and are like, “What? What?” and I’m like, “Nothing. I was just joking, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

Anji Bee: Oh, my God, like it hurts?

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly. No, it doesn’t hurt at all.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: It’s like a — it’s funny, you know? It’s like we’re talking about the way that people just sort of like they think that you’re a certain person and then they meet you and they’re like, “Oh, you’re totally different in person.”

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Like, people that have only listened to my show and that have never really spoken to me on the phone or anything like that must be like, “Hey, Julien’s so calm.” Like, “What’s the deal with Julien? Why is he not freaking out the way he does on his show all the time?”

Anji Bee: Oh! Yeah, yeah. You are kind of like antsy on the show.

Julien Smith: Well, I mean it’s like…

Anji Bee: I don’t know. I’ve heard shows where you were really quiet too and you didn’t say much, I’m like, “Come on, Julien, talk! What are you doing?”

Julien Smith: What the fuck? Like you’re anticipating, you’re like, “Okay, when is he gonna go off? He must…”

Anji Bee: “I’m not here for the music. I’m here for the talk, bitch!”

Julien Smith: Antsy time! Yeah, that’s it. The music that I ended up choosing for this show ended up being songs — I don’t know about you. I think you kind of like went in my direction and I kind of went in your direction and we met somewhere in the middle.

Anji Bee: I know, that’s funny, huh? Does that mean that we met in the middle or not? Are we just like being posers of the other person?

Julien Smith: I sort of gained a new appreciation of funk in the past couple of weeks. I was DJ’ing at a place and like…

Anji Bee: You’ve got to have the funk.

Julien Smith: Yeah, you have to have the funk.

Anji Bee: I mean, you wouldn’t even have hip-hop without funk, let’s face it.

Julien Smith: The funk really is what you want at that hip hop club because all the hip-hop clubs are like — well, they’re shit like, you know? It’s kind of either music that’s meant to be really personal?

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: You listen to it when you’re at home and you’re like, “This is so good,” but in a club while you’re dancing, you don’t want hip-hop, you want funk, funk.

Anji Bee: You want funk, that’s what gets the booty shaking.

Julien Smith: Exactly. The booty needs to be shaken sometimes, you know?

Anji Bee: Yeah, absolutely.

Julien Smith: It’s an important part of life to shake the booty.

Anji Bee: Absolutely.

Julien Smith: So, I don’t know what we’re doing here exactly. We’re kind of like kind of — we’re just like, “Hey, you wanna record a thing that we’ll put on both our feeds and blah, blah, blah and…”

Anji Bee: Yeah, we’re just winging it.

Julien Smith: Yeah, we have no idea what we’re doing, but it was — it’s kind of like I ended up choosing all these tracks that I never have the opportunity to play normally and I’m like, “Oh, you know, I can play this and na-na-na,” and sometimes, I don’t know about you, but I worry and I’m like, “Oh, maybe my listeners won’t like this song and I…”

Anji Bee: Oh? And you were trying to chastise me for worrying about what people thought!

Julien Smith: Yeah, I know.

Anji Bee: Aha!

Julien Smith: I know, but I totally shut up about it.

Anji Bee: Your shoe is on the other foot now, Julien!

Julien Smith: It is, is it not?

Anji Bee: Yes. I know! Well, you know, when you decide to embark upon a niche market or whatever then you start worrying who this niche market is and what they want from you, so it is a little bit too bad. I mean, you kind of start like, “I’m so excited! All this music’s really great, I’m gonna play everything!” and then slowly but surely, you’re like, “Oh, I don’t know if this is appropriate for my show or not.”

Julien Smith: “Oh, I don’t know if they’ll like this.” I don’t wanna get bitched at by anyone or anything.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: But in fact most listeners are very accepting of what you do, I think.

Anji Bee: Yeah, I’ve been shocked with The Chillcast. I mean I sort of started out thinking that I would have to play mostly electronica because that’s what people think down tempo or chill out is and I was like, “Well, you know what, that’s boring.” I wanna also play jazz, I wanna play blues, I wanna play whatever the hell I want, basically, so I’ve just, you know, kept putting more and more in and no one complained, you know. If I play Latin jazz as long as it fits the groove of the song before it, people, you know, they keep listening and maybe they learn to accept new forms of music that they weren’t even thinking that they would be into. In fact, I’ve had email from people like, “Oh, I never thought that I was into new jazz, but now that I’ve listened to your show, I’ve realized I totally love it.” So, whatever new jazz is, anyways, it’s just one of those catch phrases.

Julien Smith: I’m not sure that it is. I think people in jazz know what new jazz is and we kind of all…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: End up guessing, but — I mean, it’s interesting. I get the same kind of thing, you know.

Anji Bee: Yeah, I think it kind of started in the 1990s.

Julien Smith: Yeah. We were just talking about that. It was like, “Oh, when I met you, Julien, I thought you would be a wigger, when in fact, you’re not and you’re more like somebody from the ’90s.”

Anji Bee: You’re totally 1990s guy!

Julien Smith: And I’m like, “What do you mean ’90s?!!” But it’s true with piercings, tattoos, and I — that was like my generation. Like, you know, I just sort of like that’s…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: And I think I’m always gonna be that person, but I don’t know whether or not I’m gonna pretend that it’s like, “Oh no, it’s just me. It’s me, not influenced by a generation at all.”

Anji Bee: Dude, you’re so a product of the time. Yeah, you came into your…

Julien Smith: I know. It’s so pathetic. I thought I was…

Anji Bee: I worried about you people. When I was in clubs in the 1990s and I saw all the people starting to get the tribal stuff, I’m all, “They’re gonna regret that in 5 to 10 years!” So, I’m so glad I resisted getting tattoos because I totally was gonna get tattoos too and I thought, “Nah, there’s gonna be one day in the far future when I wanna dress in some classy, vintage dress and there’s gonna be this tattoo stickin’ out and I’m gonna be really bummed.”

Julien Smith: Yeah, I know.

Anji Bee: And that’s absolutely how it worked out!

Julien Smith: Yeah, so now you’re happy?

Anji Bee: Yeah, I’m happy now and, you know, I’ve had so many weird colors of hair, purple, pink and, you know, blue and all this kind of stuff. That will go away.

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: You can grow it out and do whatever you want, but the tattoos do not grow out, you know.

Julien Smith: That’s right, they’re always gonna be there.

Anji Bee: You’re stuck with them forever.

Julien Smith: It’s remarkable. While I was going through the airport to go to the Podcast Expo, there were like three or four women, they were all like, “Hey, oh wow! That’s so nice that you have that!” Not tattoos, but like the gigantic ears that I have.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: And they were like, “Oh, that’s so interesting!” But 10 years ago, when I had them, they would just like kind of give me the hairy eyeball and be like, “What the fuck is wrong with that guy? What’s going on with him?”
Anji Bee: “Oh, that guy is a super creep!”

Julien Smith: But now they’re in love with me and it’s just like, “Oh, it’s so cute with the little da-da-da-da-dah. Can I put my finger through that?” It’s like, “What happened?”

Anji Bee: It’s because people on MTV have it and people watch MTV…

Julien Smith: Ahhh…

Anji Bee: So now it’s like cool. This is like with the colored hair. People used to stare in the 1980s and 1990s like, “Oh, my God, what a freak!” Now, little tiny children have green hair and everybody has the Mohawk now. It’s like everything that used to be shocking is now completely passé and I’ve realized that’s probably the way it’s always gonna be, you know?

Julien Smith: Exactly.

Anji Bee: Like when I was into hardcore punk music, it was like very shocking and now it’s on television commercials…

Julien Smith: Yeah, all the time.

Anji Bee: Or whatever. I mean, it’s dummed down, of course, for the masses…

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: But, you know…

Julien Smith: So, what’s shocking now that you think people like you and me, 10 years from now, when we’re looking at kids and we’ll be like, “Oh, my God! This is so scary! What’s happening to these people?”

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s a good question!

Julien Smith: Aha!

Anji Bee: I know I’ve been already into such extreme things it’s kinda hard. I mean, I was into like complete grind core and noise and like, I mean, what’s gonna be more shocking than that? I don’t know.

Julien Smith: Sometimes I think of it and I’m like, “We must have reached the edge,” but that’s again a product of your times kind of thing. We’re just like how much more hardcore can you get? Well, I’ll tell you how much more hardcore.

Anji Bee: Yeah, I mean like Gabber was pretty weird. I can’t say Gabber was shocking for me personally, but like Gabber was pretty hardcore and like so what’s gonna be more hardcore than Gabber? What’s gonna be more hardcore than, you know, Napalm Death and all that kind of stuff? I don’t know! I don’t know if anyone can personally shock me, but I’m an Aquarian anyways so I don’t get shocked that easily.

Julien Smith: I’m a Cancer, what does that mean?

Anji Bee: Oh, really? Are you a homebody?

Julien Smith: Uh, that depends. I go to extremes like I could be like, “Fuck this house!” Like, “I’m not being here all day,” or I’ll end up being like…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: “Oh, I don’t want to talk to anyone right now,” and I’ll just sit on the couch…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Or my computer, or whatever.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Sort of in between.

Anji Bee: I go through that, too. Yesterday, I had to get out of the house, so I’m glad that we didn’t end up doing the show yesterday.

Julien Smith: So, let’s play some stuff. We have a bunch of stuff going on right now. This is obviously — I mean, look at the time, and I don’t know about you, but this is gonna go for…

Anji Bee: Oh, my God!

Julien Smith: Fucking forever, but which is fine by me. Like, they can stop listening if they wanna stop listening to it…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Or whatever. Fast forward, if they want.

Anji Bee: Well, you can cut some stuff out, dude, you have the power.

Julien Smith: Fuck that, I’m not cutting anything off. We’re highly…

Anji Bee: What?

Julien Smith: We’re so interesting! How cool are we?

Anji Bee: Oh.

Julien Smith: Everybody is fascinated by us and our lifestyles!

Anji Bee: We’re really coolest!

Julien Smith: We’re amazing! We’re great people.

Anji Bee: I know they’re not gonna change the channel because this is the bomb.

Julien Smith: Yeah, I know. It is because we’re so fucking cool, oh my God!

Julien Smith: So, introduce the first track that we’re gonna play; your song.

Anji Bee: Oh, should we start with you?

Julien Smith: No, you start. Obviously, this is not planned out.

Anji Bee: Me? Okay.

Julien Smith: Okay, go and get your stuff and come back and I’m gonna entertain them with the story of how my cats broke every single mug in my house one day at a time. They keep breaking mugs one after another.

Anji Bee: Oh, I thought they did it all at once. That would be much more interesting.

Julien Smith: No, no, no! They just like walk along the counter and they’ll find something at 4 o’clock in the morning. They’re like, “Hey, what’s up? Oh, I notice this isn’t broken.”

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s terrible.

Julien Smith: I’m actually holding a cup right now that is busted, that they broke last night, and I’m like, “I love this so much.”

Anji Bee: They broke it last night and you’re using it this morning?

Julien Smith: Well, you know, whatever. No, no, it’s broken like the — I’m sorry, the handle is broken; the rest of it is fine.

Anji Bee: Oh, man.

Julien Smith: So, it’s one of those like…

Anji Bee: So it still holds tea?

Julien Smith: Yeah, but that is not the fate of the majority of my mugs.

Anji Bee: That’s too bad. So, you’re sure you want me to start it?

Julien Smith: Okay.

Anji Bee: Because I’ve got the song ready to go.

Julien Smith: Go for it.

Anji Bee: Okay. All right, I’m gonna start it off. I just did a feature with MoShang who’s Taiwanese. Well, he was previously a South African musician. Now he’s in Taiwan and he hooked up with a Taiwanese hip-hop band called Kou Chou Ching and they rap in Mandarin, Taiwanese and Hakka, so I thought that was pretty interesting. So, MoShang did a remix of their song Black Heart. It’s called the MoShang’s Soft Centre Remix, so here we go.

[Kou Chou Ching – Black Heart (MoShang’s Soft Centre Remix) plays]

Julien Smith: This is the kind of thing where it’s exactly what we’re talking about, you know? It’s like I would not be exposed to this kind of music normally and more and more — you know, either through other podcasters or like through people that like send stuff to my show, I’m like, “Oh wow, this is so incredible like I never would have heard this before.”

Anji Bee: Yeah, absolutely. He just emailed me the — well, he sent me a bunch of stuff to go along with the feature I did on him, so this is one of them, but I found the original mix of the song on the band’s MySpace, which is I guess they didn’t want you to have to do the Kou Chou Ching and, of course, MoShang is also on MySpace,, M-O-S-H-A-N-G.

Julien Smith: You know, I’m very upset at you. You haven’t even given your URL or your show yet. We haven’t even talked about it.

Anji Bee: I’m totally missing out on that opportunity!

Julien Smith: I know.

Anji Bee: Well, I’m actually working on a brand new website like right now, but you can always find me at Soon, very soon, will launch.

Julien Smith: Tell me about this Chillcast and what it is that you do, etcetera, etcetera?

Anji Bee: Oh yeah, like why would you even be wasting your time talking to me, right?

Julien Smith: Yeah, why would I waste my time?

Anji Bee: You’re such a busy guy!

Julien Smith: Why would I care about this stupid website?

Anji Bee: Well, The Chillcast is a weekly, podsafe music podcast. It’s a half-hour long and I play a wide variety of music, basically whatever strikes my fancy and makes you feel good. I do a little light hosting. I don’t, you know, talk a lot. I kind of do an intro talking and a little bit in between the tracks to let you know where you can pick up the songs at and their websites and what-not and then I close it out with a little bit more talking at the end.

Julien Smith: Yeah. Tell the story because you told me, but you didn’t end up recording it, so I just wanted you to tell the story because it’s so fucking cool about the Hawaii thing.

Anji Bee: Oh, yeah! Well, you know, like most other people, I heard that there was a big earthquake in Hawaii this weekend and that there was a lot of fallout and the electricity going down on the islands and stuff and I couldn’t believe it! Really late on — I think it was Sunday night I got an email from a guy named Reed who wrote to say that his power was out for 16 hours in Honolulu and he had the last three episodes of The Chillcast on his iPod, so he was listening to it to basically keep himself company while the lights and electricity were down and he wanted to thank me for creating The Chillcast and I was like really amazed!

Julien Smith: Yeah, that’s incredible, that’s a great story! I wish I had — it’s like…

Anji Bee: Isn’t it?

Julien Smith: It’d be like, “Oh yeah, this guy, I kept him from suicide,” or whatever.

Anji Bee: Yeah, basically.

Julien Smith: You can just like take the thing and just like blow it totally out of proportion.

Anji Bee: Yeah, it’s nice so I wrote him back and he said as soon as the electricity came back on, he basically emailed me to check out his system so I felt honored.

Julien Smith: That’s a pretty cool story.

Anji Bee: And it’s a cool story.

Julien Smith: It’s remarkable the people that email you sometimes like I don’t know about you, but it happen to me probably like everyday at least or every couple of days that someone would go like, “Hey, what’s up?” Na-na-na and they’ll ask me about certain stuff or comments or whatever and that more than anything, if I didn’t get feedback from anybody, I’d just be like, “Wow, this sucks!” But instead, because you get comments from it…

Anji Bee: Completely.

Julien Smith: It is fuckin’ incredible, you know?

Anji Bee: Yeah, it’s awesome. Well, you know, it’s funny for my band, Lovespirals. We get email from people that talk about like making love to our records and everything, which is a little bit weirder, but cool I guess! I think some babies have been created listening to Free and Easy.

Julien Smith: Yeah, you should ask for some sort of like, you’d just be like, “Listen, if your baby was conceived to my music, I believe I have some sort of right to that baby, you know?”

Anji Bee: I don’t know, maybe they can name it after one of us, you know? If it’s a boy, Ryan; if it’s a girl, Anji.

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly.

Anji Bee: Something like this.

Julien Smith: Is your last name really Bee?

Anji Bee: You have to ask that question, don’t you?

Julien Smith: Oh no! I don’t — oh no! Oh…

Anji Bee: I don’t tell that story.

Julien Smith: You don’t have to answer it. No, you can plead the Fifth. You are allowed to plead the Fifth, but the question has been…

Anji Bee: I don’t know. I’ve been kind of thinking about coming out of the closet lately and telling, you know, people who I really am, but I’m not sure because my last name is such that once people learn my last name, they never call me anything else.

Julien Smith: Uh-oh.

Anji Bee: You know, it’s like, “Hey blank!”

Julien Smith: Oh no!

Anji Bee: So, basically I was at CMJ. Yeah, I used to be called Radio DJ and I was a music director so I had the opportunity to fly out to New York for CMJ on the radio station which was awesome and when I got there, they wanted to print out our name on the name tag and I was like, “Well, I just go by Anji B period. It’s usually just B period.” I mean, you meet a bunch of people that use that and it kept typing out on my name tag as being “B. Anji,” so it looked like my name was Banji.

Anji Bee: This will not do, this will not do. So, finally I was like…

Julien Smith: It sounded like Bambi?

Anji Bee: “Well, just write B-E-E,” so that it was like “Anji Bee,” and I was like, “Oh my God, that is so cool! That’s my new name!”

Julien Smith: I’m trying to get people to stop calling me Julien and start calling me “Jules” because Jules is so much cooler.

Anji Bee: Oh my God, I was calling you Jules in the email.

Julien Smith: And that’s awesome.

Anji Bee: I just kinda noted, I said Jules is cool.

Julien Smith:s That’s what I want.

Anji Bee: Yeah, I like Jules.

Julien Smith: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Everybody has the right to transform their name to the coolest thing possible. Oh wait, hold on. We have to kill this for the…

Anji Bee: Oh my God, you didn’t even play your song yet!

Julien Smith: The Sirius people. No, it’s fine, whatever. Like, so, say your URL and then I’ll say mine. Go!

Anji Bee: Okay.

Julien Smith: Go, talk. Quick!

Anji Bee: Oh, all right, it’s

Julien Smith: And Anji is incredible and her last name is something we’ll never find out and this is Julien and my podcast is at So, see you guys later!

Anji Bee: Adios!

Julien Smith: Okay, so now they’re gone and we can talk for as long as we want to. Do you wanna play — I’m gonna play a second track now. We can sort of do this sort of music-talk-music-talk thing. This is a track that I played before on my own podcast. I do DJ sometimes. I don’t know how long you’ve been listening to my show, but like every little while I just put up something that’s entirely music and just like not talk at all. Usually, when I don’t wanna talk I’m just like, “Ah, fuck this,” and I’ll put together something else. So, this is a track by someone who you will definitely — the name you will definitely recognize, by DJ Jazzy Jeff and it’s his first solo album and the track is called Love Savior and it’s amazing, amazing funk track that I love to death, so we’re gonna play that for you right now.

[DJ Jazzy Jeff – Love Savior plays]

Julien Smith: So, you guys didn’t hear it because it was happening during the song, but Anji was actually typing me little love messages on Skype.

Anji Bee: Yes I was.

Julien Smith: And they’re very, very secret things that I will never share with anyone because they’re so just like deeply intense and intimate and it’s just like I can’t repeat them. I’m sure you understand.

Anji Bee: That song got me in the mood, Julien.

Julien Smith: Yeah, isn’t it the best track ever? Like no joke.

Anji Bee: Yes, you know how to pick them.

Julien Smith: Yeah, thank you, thank you. That means a lot coming from you.

Anji Bee: I would totally play that on The Chillcast.

Julien Smith: You can.

Anji Bee: You gotta give me the URL, dude.

Julien Smith: You were asking me before and it’s because the — I was doing podcasting a little bit before the PMN came out, the Podsafe Music Network, so I always was like…

Anji Bee: Yeah?

Julien Smith: “Shit! Like, what am I supposed to do with all these — like, I don’t even know what to play and at the beginning a bunch of us were kind of like playing each other’s tracks like “Oh, I heard this on this show, so now I’m gonna play it because I have nothing else to play.”

Anji Bee: Oh yeah, it was kind of scary not knowing what was safe to play.

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly, but then you get to a point now where it’s like, “Oh, you have a podcast? Oh yeah, great! I love podcasting.” If you’re like, “Oh, you wanna play my music?”

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: “Yeah, sure. Great!” So, this is one of those.

Anji Bee: Halleluiah.

Julien Smith: This is one of those labels that are small enough. It’s his first solo album that came out in 2004. Remarkably, after 20 years of like, you know, making music and it’s just like the whole album is unbelievable. I’ll give you a link to it for sure.

Anji Bee: Oh man, I gotta get that.

Julien Smith: Yeah, so I mean sometimes — usually when I do these things, I end up going like seriously long, a massively long period of time, which is like, you know what I mean, like…

Anji Bee: These things meaning like collaborative type…

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: Podcast?

Julien Smith: Exactly. Anytime I do one that’s like two people or anything more, it’s just like, oh, we talked for like 90 minutes and it’s is like, “Oh, crap!” But it’s perfectly fine.

Anji Bee: You mean we’re not gonna talk for 90 minutes?

Julien Smith: We can talk for 90 minutes, we can talk for as long as you wanna talk, but I’m just saying, you know like…

Anji Bee: As long as it takes?

Julien Smith: Yeah, the listeners, they better be prepared because, otherwise, they’ll just be like, “What the fuck? How long is this going on for? Why? Why won’t these people stop?”

Anji Bee: I guess only our stalker fans will listen.

Julien Smith: Exactly, but it’s funny because sometimes I’ll be like I’ll do a thing like seriously, me and this guy, Alex, we used to do them a couple of times. He is a podcaster here in Montreal and he’d be like, “These people would die! It’s like there was like a God. I can’t wait to hear another one like this.” I don’t know why.

Anji Bee: They did like it?

Julien Smith: Yeah, they loved it to death. They loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it for sure.

Anji Bee: You know why? I was thinking the other day we podcasters kinda are like a virtual friend.

Julien Smith: Yeah, we are.

Anji Bee: Don’t you think?

Julien Smith: Uh-hmm. It’s like we barely — you see, we’re talking now and we met two weeks ago, but it’s like when you meet…

Anji Bee: We were e-mailing before that.

Julien Smith: Yeah, no, no, no, of course, of course. Yes, absolutely, but the meeting point to me is kind of like the important thing because we barely see each other, so when we do we develop these kind of like intense things like, “Oh, yeah, I liked her. I thought he was okay, na-na-na.”

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: But it’s like quick and intense because we never fucking talk in real life.

Anji Bee: I know! I was thinking about that so much after. That was my first podcast meet-up or whatever and, you know, I was like, “If I only email someone, are they really my friend?” You know?

Julien Smith: That depends. That’s a really good question.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Because I mean…

Anji Bee: It was interesting to me, you know, because we’ve been swapping email and we’ve swapped what like show shout outs or whatever.

Julien Smith: Sure, yeah.

Anji Bee: Then you meet and it’s like, “Oh, now they are my friend, I guess.”

Julien Smith: That’s right, now they’re like really my friends.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: I mean, it’s strange because more — I don’t know if you’ve listened to any of C.C.’s shows, but I love him to death.

Anji Bee: Yes, I know.

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: I felt like we were friends before we met, too.

Julien Smith: Absolutely, and him and I were friends for a very long time before we met, but him, he was talking about all these kind of like new media things where people more and more they don’t meet at all and like they offer each other jobs without even talking face to face, you know?

Anji Bee: Isn’t that weird?

Julien Smith: It’s totally bizarre. Yeah, but it’s…

Anji Bee: The internet has changed the entire world.

Julien Smith: It’s normal for me and it’s normal for you more and more, you know what I mean? They’ll be like, “Oh yeah, Anji, I have no idea who she is really, but she is producing a podcast for me and I love her to death,” and all this stuff, you know?

Anji Bee: I know. The new world is so strange. Yeah, I’ve actually thought before like I need to make some less virtual friends like people that I can like actually go places with.

Julien Smith: Like if I cannot get drunk and puke in an alleyway with you, you’re not really my friend.

Anji Bee: Yeah, I guess I sort of feel that way, but I find myself calling people “my friend” a lot of times that I’ve never even heard talk.

Julien Smith: Really? Wow, that’s like…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: That’s very intense. That’s like a whole other level because it’s so easy for us to be right now…

Anji Bee: Well, I meet friends. I mean like I was talking about them on my podcast like if I go, “Oh, this is a song by my friend.” I don’t wanna be like, “Oh, this is a song by some guy whose music I’ve heard,” you know?

Julien Smith: A virtual friend that I’ve never met.

Anji Bee: Well like Warren from Hungry Lucy. We’ve had a couple of opportunities to meet, it just never quite works out, but like we listen to each other’s podcasts. I’ve reviewed his first album when it came out in like demo form or whatever, so we’ve been in constant contact since 1999.

Julien Smith: Holy crap!

Anji Bee: So, since we’ve been in contact since 1999 and we’ve done a lot of cross promotions and stuff, I think that can qualify as friends.

Julien Smith: Yeah, that qualifies as friends.

Anji Bee: Even though we haven’t actually had a beer together.

Julien Smith: I’ve had a couple of people like that that I still have never met and sometimes I’ll talk to them over voice. There’s this one girl in particular that I’m thinking of and I’ve never spoken with her live. We’ve recorded messages on audio…

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: To talk to each other…

Anji Bee: Oh yeah!

Julien Smith: And they’re like little virtual audio letters…

Anji Bee: That’s great.

Julien Smith: But we’ve never actually spoken to each other like the way you and I are speaking now even. We’ve never really done that.

Anji Bee: Okay, Warren and I talked on the phone and we’re both, “Oh my God, this is so weird!”

Julien Smith: “My God! I don’t know! I’m being creep out,” or whatever, so you wonder, right? It’s like — because anybody is personable over the internet, right? Anybody could be like…

Anji Bee: Well, I don’t know. There are a lot of assholes on the internet!

Julien Smith: We were saying this before because Anji was like, “Oh yeah, I gotta stop all these assholes from Skyping me because like…”

Julien Smith: Not people that are fans of the show, but like random, like strangers from Indonesia or whatever.

Anji Bee: Yeah, “You’re a girl, I’m a guy, let’s go someplace.”

Julien Smith: And you’re like, “Um, where’s my block button? Hold on.”

Anji Bee: Exactly! I was like, “Okay, must research.”

Anji Bee: Yeah, so I was like individually blocking each asshole as they would pop up. I’ve still got one here from someone who’s trying to add me the other day who I’ve never heard of and I can’t figure out how to get this one to go away. I’m still such a newbie.

Julien Smith: I was telling her that the best advice that she could possibly have is just to put a gigantic member — something large.

Anji Bee: Maybe you can send me a picture of yours, Julien?

Julien Smith: No, no, mine is tiny. I mean, I could just, you know — I’ll send you a picture nonetheless, but it would be a whole other story. I don’t think it would work well.

Anji Bee: I don’t usually let people send me pictures like that on the internet. I think that’s what they want to do on Skype, right?

Julien Smith: You offered! What are you talking about? You’re talking to me like, “Oh, Julien, he’s such a pervert he offered to…” No, I didn’t offer, you told me like, “Hey…” That’s how it worked.

Anji Bee: That’s what you should use for your picture instead of one of you smoking with the glasses.

Julien Smith: I don’t even smoke. That was totally like a prop shot.

Anji Bee: Oh, I’m so glad you don’t smoke.

Julien Smith: I was just like, “Could somebody lend me their glasses?” They were like, “Oh, you look so good with the pervert glasses.” I’m like, “Oh? Well, give me a cigarette so I can…”

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s why you look so creepy. They are known as “pervert glasses.”

Julien Smith: Oh yeah, of course.

Anji Bee: It’s like so you can watch people’s asses and they can’t see that you’re doing it. Is that what they’re for?

Julien Smith: Yeah, it’s like you need that and you need a trench coat and you’re basically the equivalent of a — you’re like an extra on the Sabotage video by the Beastie Boys.

Anji Bee: So, you borrowed the cigarette, too, huh?

Julien Smith: I borrowed the cigarette.

Anji Bee: So, it’s totally not like you.

Julien Smith: No, I didn’t blow it and it’s an absolutely fake shot that makes me look like a pervert on purpose.

Anji Bee: Yeah. I was totally creep out when I first saw you on the podshow page. I’m like, “Oh, my God! He is kinda weird. I don’t know if I should email him or not!”

Julien Smith: “This guy is so fucking creepy, I don’t understand!” Now, I’m creepy but just for different reasons, so it works out very well.

Anji Bee: Oh, you gotta put a picture with your big, googly eyes. That was the one thing that really struck me when I met you in person like, “He has the most amazing eyes!”

Julien Smith: You just called them googly.

Anji Bee: “They’re like so large and so expressive.” They’re googly like a Japanese anime.

Julien Smith: Oh, okay. That’s like Sailor Moon eyes.

Anji Bee: Yes.

Julien Smith: Because I’m picturing googly eyes like you put on a stuffed toy. They just go all crazy and I’m like…

Anji Bee: Oh, those are awesome! The ones that spin around. Yours kind of spin around though when you’re talking.

Julien Smith: Oh yeah. Well, I don’t know.

Anji Bee: I mean everyone saw the video, right? On your blog?

Julien Smith: The video? Oh, the one where I speak in French?

Anji Bee: Yeah, which is super hot.

Julien Smith: Is it? The Rumor Girls were all over that, too, right? They were fucking freaking out.

Anji Bee: Oh yeah.

Julien Smith: They were like, “Oh, my God.”

Anji Bee: I forget who else, other people were talking about it too saying it was really sexy.

Julien Smith: Well, it’s — I mean — I don’t know how to say this. To me it’s just the language.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: It’s just like because, you know, when you hear it, it’s just like — oh, whatever. I could be saying the most inane or dirty things that are absolutely like…

Anji Bee: Absolutely.

Julien Smith: Yeah, totally boring, but to anybody who doesn’t understand French are like, they’re like — I’m licking the microphone around and I’m like, “Oh God…”

Anji Bee: Isn’t it interesting?

Julien Smith: Oh God, oh this is really…

Anji Bee: Seeing you speaking French, it seemed to make more sense like, “Oh.” It seemed like you should be speaking French.

Julien Smith: Yeah, it’s my first language.

Anji Bee: Yeah, you do have a kind of French face.

Julien Smith: What? What does that mean?

Anji Bee: I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just like, “Oh! Of course, he’s French-Canadian, duh!”

Julien Smith: Of course, he’s French. I’ve got these — I went to a party full of French girls like maybe a month ago or so, and they…

Anji Bee: I read that entry.

Julien Smith: Yeah, yeah. This is the part where it’s just basically like the girls are like talking to me, “Oh, you speak very good French.” I’m like, “French is my first language,” and so they go basically like, “So why do you dress like an English person?”

Anji Bee: Really?

Julien Smith: And I’m like, “Oh.” Because here…

Anji Bee: Are they saying you have bad fashion?

Julien Smith: No, they think I dress like a square. That’s what they’re saying when they told me that. I was like, “Oh, fuck! What am I gonna do now?”

Anji Bee: Oh, my God! Yeah, maybe you should ask them for fashion advice.

Julien Smith: I do need to ask them for fashion advice. Oh, this woman I know — her name is Monica, she’s not a woman I know, and she’s a fashion consultant like an image consultant kind of thing in Montreal and she’s like she wants to start a video blog and just be like, “Okay, so, how to dress.” Like the equivalent of What Not To Wear or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy kind of thing.

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s such a great idea.

Julien Smith: But as a video blog. Yeah, she’s gonna fucking…

Anji Bee: Make her do it.

Julien Smith: She’s gonna totally rule, too. She’s great at it. She’s Brazilian, too.

Anji Bee: Oh, extra hot.

Julien Smith: She has a little accent and all this stuff. It’s gonna work great.

Anji Bee: Oh, that sounds great!

Julien Smith: I keep telling everyone on my show, I’m always like, “If you wanna start a podcast, just start one.” You know?

Anji Bee: Absolutely.

Julien Smith: Don’t in any way question it.

Anji Bee: I mean as long as you could figure out how to do it, there’s really nothing stopping you.

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly. It’s totally simple. So, it’s your turn to play a thing now. We’re at the 40 freaking minute mark, like just give them what they want already, you know what I’m saying? Like, go!

Anji Bee: I thought this was what they wanted?

Julien Smith: I don’t know what they want. I actually have no idea. You know, half of the people that I talk to, I get emails and they’re like, “God, I wish you would play more music. It’d be so great because I love music,” and on the other side I get e-mails and they’re like, “God, I wish you would stop with the fucking music. Can’t you just talk for Christ’s sakes?” and I’m like, “Okay.”

Anji Bee: I have the same thing! That’s what made me think. Should I just start a new podcast where all I do is talk? I don’t know what to do.

Julien Smith: No, I’m just gonna give them blue balls forever, actually. I’m comfortable with that.

Anji Bee: Blue balls, keep them coming back for more.

Julien Smith: Yeah, over and over again. Oh yeah, like the dirty, pervert glasses?

Anji Bee: Oh, absolutely. Give it to them, the dirty, pervert glasses.

Julien Smith: Oh yeah.

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s great. All right, so I picked out another song that’s got kind of a different vibe from what we listened to earlier, but I picked it out special for you. It’s called Little White Roses and it’s by Paul & Price from their brand new album Sounds Like Sex 2 and yeah, I’m getting ready to interview these guys for a special feature, too. They sent me all their CDs and I’ve been pouring through them, but this song, it just gets really stuck in my head. So, hopefully your listeners will enjoy it as well.

[Paul & Price – Little White Roses plays]

Julien Smith: Anybody that’s left in this recording is clearly the most devoted of all of both of our listenerships, so that would involve approximately my mother and anybody else that is attempting to spy on me. Who is it on your side, do you think?

Anji Bee: Oh, you know I have certain fans that are pretty hardcore.

Julien Smith: They’re hardcore?

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Oh, my God. This is just the thing. I need hardcore people. I need like a cult following of some kind. Can you help me out and tell me how it is I should get this cult following?

Anji Bee: Well, I’m a charter member.

Julien Smith: Yeah?

Anji Bee: Yeah, I’ve started like replying to all your blog things and, you know, that’s like the start. When you see the person’s name over and over to where you actually remember it when it comes up. Okay, there’s one guy that listens to my podcast and he sent me an email to let me know that I had forgotten to put the artwork into my file and he was pissed.

Julien Smith: Oh, my God.

Anji Bee: Yeah, he’s like, “I went to play The Chillcast and your smiling face was not looking up at me from my iPod!”

Julien Smith: “I’m very upset, I’m used to seeing your smiling face and your smiling face was not there.”

Anji Bee: Yeah! Yeah, so he’s emailed me a couple of times whenever I forget or whatever, so I’ve kind of taken on emailing him, you know, “Hey…” Like I started an enhanced one that had extra artwork, so he was like the first person I told.

Julien Smith: Yeah, yeah. You’re like, “Hey, you know there’s extra picture on this one.”

Anji Bee: I found that enhancing is a pain in the butt.

Julien Smith: Uh-hmm. No, I did it. I’m doing it too and it’s a pain in the ass, but now I’ve kind of like — it’s like you’ve committed to it already and it’s like, “Okay, now I have to choose all the…” See, I’m getting a camera though so I will be like okay.

Anji Bee: Oh.

Julien Smith: Now it’s — because C.C. is going to a marketing conference — we’re talking about C.C. Chapman.

Anji Bee: Oh yeah.

Julien Smith: From the Accident Hash Podcasting in case anybody doesn’t know.

Anji Bee: The man.

Julien Smith: Yeah, the man.

Anji Bee: The original home fry.

Julien Smith: Indeed. Yeah, that’s it. I sent him a camera because I can’t order anything in Canada because we don’t have post offices.

Anji Bee: What?

Julien Smith: No, that’s not true. On the other hand, we cannot order anything from Amazon that isn’t a book or a CD like for example, you can order like a microphone…

Anji Bee: Oh? Absolutely.

Julien Smith: Or a camera or something off Amazon and I can’t.

Anji Bee: Oh.

Julien Smith: So, I sent it to him and I was like, “Okay, C.C., you gotta help me out man,” and so he is now heading to the Canadian Marketing Association conference, which is happening today and tomorrow…

Anji Bee: Oh, my gosh!

Julien Smith: Which is Wednesday and Thursday. So, he was just basically like, “Okay, I’m gonna bring all your stuff up with you,” so I was like…

Anji Bee: Oh, my gosh!

Julien Smith: Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass.

Anji Bee: Cool!

Julien Smith: Because, otherwise, I pay like double the price, it’s ridiculous.

Anji Bee: Really?

Julien Smith: All these to go to the enhanced podcasting. Yes, absolutely. It’s ridiculous, you wouldn’t believe. Our dollar, the Canadian dollar, and all the prices are based off of what your dollar was worth like two years ago.

Anji Bee: How odd.

Julien Smith: Because your dollar two years ago was worth like a lot more than our dollar once and now it’s like almost neck and neck.

Anji Bee: Hmm, not bad.

Julien Smith: Yeah, it’s very close, so it means that right now it’s like all these stuff is based — I’m literally paying like a good 50 to 75 percent more for anything that I decide to buy if I pay in Canadian dollars. It’s ridiculous.

Anji Bee: It’s a good thing you’ve got…

Julien Smith: That’s why. This is why I need people like C.C.

Anji Bee: Yes.

Julien Smith: And people, you know, exactly.

Anji Bee: To mule on over the counter for you.

Julien Smith: Exactly! So, it’s like anybody that leaves comments and anybody that — I’m just like I should email them and be like, “What’s up? What country are you in and what kind of electronics can you get me?”

Anji Bee: You need some kind of weird Amazon wish list thing.

Julien Smith: Yeah, exactly. Oh no, but dude, that’s the thing! I don’t know, I think you could rock that, but I don’t think that I could. I’d just be like, “Can you get me stuff?” All the people that listen to my show would just be like “Um, Julien, we secretly hate you so it’s not gonna…”

Anji Bee: Oh, my God, you need a sugar daddy.

Julien Smith: That’s what I need. Oh, trust me, I could get one. Remember…

Anji Bee: You can work the sugar daddy angle pretty well, sounds like.

Julien Smith: But what about…

Anji Bee: Hustler.

Julien Smith: What about the sort of additional side effects of having a sugar daddy? Yes, you get all this great stuff, but there’s also the…

Anji Bee: There’s the give-and-take aspect.

Julien Smith: Yeah, it’s a give and take. That’s a good way of putting it and I’m not sure that I’m prepared.

Anji Bee: I think sugar daddies wanna give and give.

Julien Smith: Give? Yeah, oh yeah, they do. Absolutely. It’s just, you know, you gotta wonder. You gotta choose your sugar daddies wisely, I think.

Anji Bee: Yeah, absolutely. I guess you get one that’s impotent.

Julien Smith: Then it gets even weirder because you never know what kind of other kind of alternative thing they’ve gone into.

Anji Bee: Maybe they just wanna hear your voice.

Julien Smith: That could be good.

Anji Bee: Yeah, that’d be an easy one.

Julien Smith: But, so it’d be like, “Okay guys, I’m gonna make you a special podcast.” I would create like a super secret feed where I just end up saying like sexy things over the internet for half an hour.

Anji Bee: You should totally do that! Oh, my God, I would totally subscribe.

Julien Smith: Dude, we could make a million dollars, think about it.

Anji Bee: That would be great! You need to make the “Sexy Jewels” podcast.

Julien Smith: The Sexy Talk Voice. No, no, we would have to participate as well.

Anji Bee: That sounds great! Actually, I just watched this movie two nights ago.

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: It’s Argentinean movie and the woman, she’d been through a traumatic experience and so she was like weird about getting touched.

Julien Smith: Okay.

Anji Bee: She paid boys to come into her room where she was on the other side of the walls so they didn’t see her…

Julien Smith: Yeah?

Anji Bee: And just said sexy things through the wall to her.

Julien Smith: Through the wall?

Anji Bee: Through the wall, yeah and it drove the guy crazy. It was…

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: Gael Garcia Bernal, who if you listen to my podcast you’ll know I think he’s really hot.

Julien Smith: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, dude! No, no, everybody does.

Anji Bee: Yeah, he’s super hot so he was reading stuff through the door and he was like nuts. He was like, “I want to see this person,” you know. So, anyways, it ends tragically as…

Julien Smith: Of course.

Anji Bee: You might guess, but it was just kind of sexy how he was like reading the stories and I was like, “Oh, I love that idea!” So you could be the Gael character reading the sexy stories.

Julien Smith: Do you think so?

Anji Bee: I think so.

Julien Smith: Do you think I can pull that off? I’ll try.

Anji Bee: You could try.

Julien Smith: I think we have a new project going on here.

Anji Bee: Absolutely. Hey, you know what? I did not give Paul & Price their props.

Julien Smith: Oh, give them.

Anji Bee: Yeah, so the song that we just heard, the band — you can also find them on, A-N-D, even though their band has an ampersand. I think it’s hard to do ampersands on MySpace and actually, speaking of like pervert things, if you scroll down their MySpace page, there’s an extremely hot video for another song that is called Papillon. Actually, you could probably pronounce it better than I. I’m not good at French.

Julien Smith: Uh-hmm.

Anji Bee: The entire thing consists of really close shots on this extremely gorgeous naked woman. So, I think everyone will probably enjoy going to see that video.

Julien Smith: Hold on, can you give me that URL again, please?

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: Right now, that’d be really great.

Anji Bee:

Julien Smith: Uh-uh. We’re gonna put that on the show notes.

Anji Bee: I first saw the video actually on, but they have it here as a YouTube video. It says her name on the beginning here, what is it? Featuring Camille Vizzavona, I think? Yeah, she’s really beautiful.

Julien Smith: We need our own music videos though, don’t we? It’s like to me — I’m sorry, you have one because you have your — do Lovespirals have its own videos?

Anji Bee: No, I haven’t met a videographer yet. That’s one of the things I’m really lacking. I’m wondering where I should post on the internet. Please someone help me put together a music video.

Julien Smith: Exactly. In return, I will create a secret podcast with my sexy voice.

Anji Bee: Yeah, really. Maybe I’m missing out on a target market.

Julien Smith: Hello? This is the obvious decision.

Anji Bee: Duh?

Julien Smith: I mean, come on.

Anji Bee: I don’t know. I was trying not to be a sex object, but fuck it, you know.

Julien Smith: Like now, it’s sort of you recognize that it’s happened.

Anji Bee: It’s happened whether I want to or not.

Julien Smith: I’m doing my best not to treat you like a sex object though.

Anji Bee: It’s really hard because I’m really…

Julien Smith: It’s really difficult.

Anji Bee: I don’t feel like a sex object. I just feel like I’m one of the guys, you know, I hang out with guys. I like to talk about the same things that they do. I mean I love sex and I’m very, you know, like you said, you said in your recent podcast you’re like touchy feely and everything. I mean I’ve tried to curb my touchy feeliness because some people react oddly, you know?

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: Not necessarily for religious reasons, but they think that I intend to do more to them than just what I’m doing at that moment.

Julien Smith: There we go.

Anji Bee: Yeah, because like I’ll touch you on the leg or I’ll touch you on the shoulder or I’ll squeeze you, you know, and then people think I’m trying to hit on them. I’m not. I’m just being natural.

Julien Smith: That’s the way that you are.

Anji Bee: I’m just expressing the emotion, that’s all. That’s all that I intend to do, but anyways.

Julien Smith: It is funny because I had a girl talking to me about this at a party a couple of nights ago because I do the same thing. I’m always like, “Hey, hey, what’s up?” I always like, whatever, like in Montreal, we do a two-cheek kiss thing to everyone that we know no matter who they are.

Anji Bee: That’s really cute.

Julien Smith: I mean it’s just the thing like I’m always very touchy feely and a lot of people are, but this girl is just like, you’re breaking the bubble rules and I’m like “so what?” I’m like, “So what?” I like to kind of be comfortable enough with people.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: I break down the social barrier on purpose because then I can be more friendly with them.

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: As opposed to being like, “Hello, it’s a pleasure to shake your hand,” or “You’re a very nice person and I would look forward to speaking to you at some time in the future,” in a very formal way.

Anji Bee: Yeah. I used to greet everyone by grabbing their butt and that was I guess…

Julien Smith: Yeah! Right?

Anji Bee: I think it was a little bit too much so I don’t do that anymore. I don’t know. I feel like I grabbed someone’s butt the other day though. I mean I’ll do it sometimes, but I used to do it to everyone no matter, you know, how well I know them.

Julien Smith: Yeah, but you see this is the way. It just breaks down all the barriers, but then there’s the other impression where everybody is like, “You know that girl, she’s just like — I think she’s flirting with me,” but no. No.

Anji Bee: Yeah, absolutely.

Julien Smith: That’s not happening, not all the time.

Anji Bee: I know. Well, someone told me that the person had told someone else that I really wanted to have sex with them and I’m like, “No? Where did they get that impression?”

Julien Smith: Oh no, he’s a dirty bastard.

Anji Bee: Because I was touching them when I was talking to them. I was actually making eye contact. That’s another weird thing. A lot of people don’t like to make eye contact when they talk!

Julien Smith: It makes them feel uncomfortable.

Anji Bee: That is so — okay, someone emailed me after seeing my first video blog and they said it creep them out that I was staring into the camera while I was talking because I thought…

Julien Smith: That’s strange. Yeah, okay.

Anji Bee: Well, if I watch a video, I would want to do it like a conversation, so I was looking into the camera like as if the person was there…

Julien Smith: Yeah.

Anji Bee: Which is how — so I thought, you know, he probably wouldn’t want me looking in his eyes when I was talking to him in person either.

Julien Smith: Right, exactly.

Anji Bee: It just seems rude to me while I’m making the video to stare off to the side the whole time, but — so, I’ve kinda tried to mix it up on the Chillin’ With Anji Bee video blog. Sometimes I look at the camera, sometimes I look away for the people who are weird about eye contact.

Julien Smith: Yeah, really. I think in person it’s even more intense because people are like, “Whoa, I don’t know how this makes me feel.” Like it puts them on edge and they don’t necessarily always know why, but it definitely does, you know?

Anji Bee: I think it’s because like you finally have realized there’s this other person and, you know, they’re them and I’m me and we’re sharing this moment and it’s intense, but it’s intense in a way that I like. I like to eye contact. You can feel something like you feel an energy going eyeball to eyeball like right now, you and I, we don’t have that, it’s just voice to voice. You know, it’s cool…

Julien Smith: That’s cool.

Anji Bee: But if we we’re looking in each other’s eyes, it would be like this whole other thing. It’s like you really find out if you jive with the other person or not.

Julien Smith: Yeah, especially if one of them is an avoider and the other one’s a gazer, then you have a problem.

Anji Bee: Yeah. Definitely!

Julien Smith: Like this relationship is not gonna work. “I am sorry. You’re very nice. I really like your taste in music or whatever, but you need to fuck off.”

Anji Bee: Yeah.

Julien Smith: One of them is like they’re too intense, they’re not intense enough. It’s just like plenty of conflict all the way around.

Anji Bee: Yeah. I felt like I really behaved. I really behaved a lot, maybe too much at the expo. I was really low key.

Julien Smith: Yeah, so what? That happened to me the first time because I didn’t know anybody, so I was like, “Okay, I’m just gonna kind of sit here and like not talk to a lot of people,” and then the year after, I don’t know, it was like, “Hey Julien, what’s up?” I’m like, “You’re being friendly with me. I will return with equal amounts of friendliness.” It ended up being a much better time, I think.

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s good. Yeah, I’m looking forward to the next one now that I’ve kind of met the whole podshow crew. I really am sad that I didn’t meet more people from outside the podshow sphere, but I was at the party the whole time, so that’s why, but like I missed out on a — I totally wanted to meet the guy from Mysterious Universe. He came from Australia.

Julien Smith: No way!

Anji Bee: He doesn’t put any pictures of himself but he got this really amazing Australian accent. He sounds so hot and he’s like talking about aliens and Big Foot, but he’s got this really nice voice and he plays really great chill out music.

Julien Smith: Yeah, yeah.

Anji Bee: So I was like, “I have to see this guy,” and I missed him! I was at the podshow hotel thing the whole time.

Julien Smith: I mean, you know, I mean there’s always — these people, especially the people that care about what they do are gonna be back over and over again, so there’s always another chance, you know?

Anji Bee: That’s right.

Julien Smith: And besides which, you can send him your secret feed with your secret sexy voice.

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s right.

Julien Smith: I mean you can just develop the relationship in that way.

Anji Bee: Yeah, yeah.

Julien Smith: I mean now, at this point…

Anji Bee: I have to do it where I don’t see the person. You know, I’ll be like, “Oh, I made this especially for you,” and but it’s really like 12 to 100 people are getting it — “Oh, it’s especially for me!”

Julien Smith: They don’t wanna tell anybody else about it either, so they’re like, “Oh, thank you, I’m so honored that you’re sending this to me,” and none of them — it’s like there could be 10 people in a room they’re all kinda like, “Oh yeah, yeah. I like Anji, she’s nice, yeah.”

Anji Bee: Imagine all these people in a cubicle, like in one office, they’re all like, “Oh, she made it especially for me.”

Julien Smith: I think it would work very well, so it’s a good way, you know what I mean?

Anji Bee: Oh yeah.

Julien Smith: Just start up the cult like I was saying before.

Anji Bee: Oh, my gosh!

Julien Smith: Dude, um…

Anji Bee: Oh, my God. We did it. We’re over 45 minutes, Julien.

Julien Smith: Over 45 minutes? Oh, you’re not calculating the songs in there, my darling.

Anji Bee: So, it’s like way over an hour now?

Julien Smith: We’re over an hour. Yeah, exactly.

Anji Bee: You still have another really great song.

Julien Smith: I’m exactly at one hour a second ago. No, I’m having a great time.

Anji Bee: Me too.

Julien Smith: It’s one of those things where it’s just like, you know, anybody wants to shut it off, yeah, feel free to shut it off.

Anji Bee: That’s true. They can fast forward if they want to.

Julien Smith: Yeah, but what we can do is we’re gonna cut if off. I’m gonna play the last song.

Anji Bee: It’s a really good one.

Julien Smith: Then afterwards if people decide that they wanna have to hear it again or if we decide we wanna do it again, then we’ll just do it again.

Anji Bee: I wanna do it all the time now, Julien.

Julien Smith: Yeah, for sure. It’s super fun, isn’t it?

Anji Bee: Yeah, we’ll have to see what everyone else says like, “Oh my God, it was so boring!”

Julien Smith: “It’s so fucking boring, these two fucking people so full of themselves that they can’t shut up. Unbelievable!”

Anji Bee: They’re like, “Why don’t they just get a room already?”

Julien Smith: Well, no, that’s for later. That’s on hold. That’s for the secret podcast, that’s not for later.

Anji Bee: Oh, that’s right! Oh, my God! Yeah, exactly. The Get a Room podcast.

Julien Smith: Yeah, dot com. Wait for it.

Anji Bee: Yeah, you better get on Godaddy real quick.

Julien Smith: I’m gonna do it. Anyways, so listen to this song, it’s a track that I got off the Chrome Children Compilation, which came out of Stones Throw Records, which is at and the track is called Third Rock and it’s by Pure Essence. It’s a great compilation full of funk and hip-hop music, the kind that would really surprise you. I think that you’ll like this, so that’s it. Say goodbye, Anji.

Anji Bee: Bye.

Julien Smith: Bye!

[Pure Essence – Third Rock plays]


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