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“Julien sees things from a ‘higher level’ and ‘bigger picture’ than most.”

– Chris Burdge, Social Media Camp

“Julien’s session was raw insight wrapped in well-timed performance art.”

– Rob Swick, AIM Marketing Conference

“Julien is a breath of fresh air.”

– Ernest Barbaric, MRUshift

“His advice … was priceless.”

– Nicholas O’Flaherty, Bullet PR

Book Julien to Speak

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Julien Smith provides insights rarely seen in most web, technology, and corporate events, and helps audiences understand subjects with 5 or 10x the speed and clarity of most speakers. He presents on any number of subjects, but here are a few examples of the most recent ones he’s done:

A Short Course on Being Awesome

The Cult of Awesome is very exclusive, and its demands are rigorous. If you’re like most, you’ve forgotten how to be awesome, but that’s ok. We’ll teach you so you’ll never forget.

Insight, Adaptability, and Courage

In a business environment as fast-paced as the current one, only three things will help you: the knowledge of where things are going, the ability to adapt quickly to new situations, and the courage to do what must be done. Providing a strong case for all three by connecting the evolution of business to the way both nature and human beings work, Julien will present a case that transforms how your organization makes decisions, both on a large scale and in their daily work.

The Social Forge

Many years ago, the forge was a place where fire, anvil, hammer and chisel trans formed raw metal into tools. It was a foundation of technological progress and a center for trade. Today’s forge is the social web. Pressure and heat will test you and your com pany, making you show your true mettle. You will be either transformed (or destroyed) in the process. Julien will guide you through what will happen to you personally, and what must happen to your company, to survive the social forge. It’s difficult, but the only alternative is the Stone Age.

Social Capital and the New Tribe

We will never need more advertising. We will always need more community, and tighter links between those we care about. Learning to build tribes using the new radios has never been more important, and understanding social capital has never been more valuable.

Rise of the Trust Agent

Attention wars are raging; everyone is distracted, and competing for attention with everything else—from the 6 o’clock news to your nightly discussions at the dinner table. Your message is getting lost in the fray. Based on the New York Times bestselling book, Trust Agents, this talk will teach you the 6 aspects that help you communicate your message online, from learning to be “human at a distance,” to understanding how to leverage the online social network, to knowing how to stand out from the crowd.

You, Us, and the Game

What are you on the web to do? In this talk, Julien discusses the difference between You, Us, and the Game, including what each of these types stand to gain from their alignment with each value system. Beginning with a deceptively simple premise, audiences come away with a stronger grasp of various success strategies, and how learning from each of the other two groups will lead to a more holistic understanding of how to get results in this competitive environment.

Keep It Real

For each web community that we are trying to reach, there are two languages that we need to learn to speak: An authentic language which all digital natives are familiar with, and the local community languages, including the specialized vocabulary and social norms for each of them. In Keep It Real, Julien teaches us how to learn to understand each of the web’s unique tribes, how to learn to understand them, grow to appreciate them the way they appreciate each other, and finally, speak to them the way they want to be spoken to.

Sample Videos

Keynote, Social Media Junction, Auckland, New Zealand

PAB 2012


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