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John Edwards announces candidacy on Youtube


… but that’s not what I want to talk about. Instead, take a look at what shows up first in Google for “Youtube John Edwards”:

Google is the first place I went when I wanted news of the event (after finding out from Dembot and Rocketboom). This is the politics of influence on the web.

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5 Responses to “John Edwards announces candidacy on Youtube”

  1. Rob McDougall Says:

    I wonder how much time he would spend on his hair if he was in the white house…

    …which is what I guess I’m supposed to think!

  2. Julien Says:

    Exactly. The seed of doubt.

  3. John Says:

    Though I applaud his candidacy’s innovative web launch, I must say I’m non-plused with his chances of maintaining a successful campaign. A class action litigator has that same oily taint and sleeze factor as an an immoral corporate CEO. The trust factor will never be there among more sophisticated American voters. Consequently, this candidate will muster limited support and never be able to unify the populace. The Republican party’s majority are middle of the road moderates dominated by the well-organized righteous right. Western Republicans fall in with the latter segment of the party, being socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and they’re angry over the bloated out of control spending, the corruption, the misadventure in Iraq, and want to see their right flank reined in. This group will be very susceptible to vote harvesting if the Democrats play it smart. To gain their defection the Dems only need to go centrist with a reasonable, smart, well respected candidate but don’t hold your breath based on their recent track record. My condolences to Johnny fans but he just isn’t the guy for that job – he might be able to lead the “I’m a victim…” crowd but if he wins the nomination the Dems lose their great shot at the White House.

  4. DHP Says:

    The real question is whether Rob from 411 will be working on the campaign. He does the podcast, and I’m sure had some influence on the release of the video.

    Vilsack recently called me, so Rob’s probably on the ticket… 😉

  5. Clyde Smith Says:

    Edwards ain’t got a chance in hell. Hate to see a fellow North Carolinian go out like that, especially one who’s actually supporting good things. At least no one’s got a video of him taking a yoga class with Russell Simmons! As far as we know!!

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