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7 Songs


w00t, so I was tagged by Bill and Charlotte for this 7 song thing. You basically choose songs that you’re enjoying right now, share them through the post, and then spread it to more people. Here are mine. All of them I’ve discovered recently– I hope you like them:

I tag the following 7 people: Patrick, Anji, Clyde, Marko, Emcee, Ed, and Leesa.

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3 Responses to “7 Songs”

  1. [ j e n n ] Says:

    boohoo…my ears miss the sound of your podcasts in my itunes…whenever shall you return? that’s what happens when we fall into the land of the twitterpated, happy in-love. all our creativities get stuck…i know…i am victim of it myself. austin must be treating you well…but some of us do wish you would come back soon. 😉

  2. 7 Songs Meme Says:

    […] First off, don’t ask me why it’s 7 songs and not 5 songs or 10 songs. All I know is that sexy Mr. Smith tagged me and since I do nothing but listen to music all day I can come up with 7 songs standing on my head. Opinion varies on whether these should be podsafe, free downloads, recent releases etc… I’m kinda going by what iTunes says I’ve been playing the past few weeks (besides the Lovespirals mixes from the CD we’re working on…) For your perusal: […]

  3. blork blog » Blog Archive » Seven Songs Says:

    […] Julien tagged me with this “seven songs” meme, where I’m supposed to talk about seven songs I’m enjoying right now, and to spread the love about them. […]

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