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That time I accidentally did crack

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Yeah really, that’s what this episode is about. For real. Inspired by the confessional work of Jonathan Ames, whose stories I find hilarious.

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5 Responses to “That time I accidentally did crack”

  1. hugh Says:

    dude, did you *spit* during your podcast?? yeah, you f**cking spat.

    nice one. you can take the montrealer to austin, but you can’t take the spitter out of the montrealer.


  2. hugh Says:

    you’re spitting the whole way through! they don’t fuckkin spit on MTV. nice.

  3. Dave LaMorte Says:

    What do you record those walking shows with? Sound qualities great, I could hear your phlegm squish on the sidewalk.

  4. Deniz Says:

    I’m sorry, but as I am an adult now I can no longer associate with parties such as yourself.

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