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The code is taken


“If you want to spread a secret, domain names are the way to do it. Ryan McGuire of the Cedar City, Utah was clever enough to publish the secret number as a domain name […] which replicated the number to root servers all around the world. […] Zone File replication is unstoppable and no DMCA request can take a string out of it.”

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2 Responses to “The code is taken”

  1. marko Says:

    Oh that’s INTERESTING! Spreading secrets…or even spreading how you feel about other people or other subjects. Or spreading rumours via domain name registration….

    Maybe it will make people nicer? I mean whats to stop me from registering julienrocks.com when julien is nice or juliensux.com if I disagree with julien. Or julienhas3nipples.com if I really want to get his secret out once and for all. LOL.

    Potential for good and bad like everything else I guess.

  2. Irv Washington Says:

    Fantastique. Vraiment.

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