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Officially the hottest track ever right now


Goddamn, it’s a good thing I’m not in Toronto right now, because I’d be a 95 pound, cocaine-snorting groupie for Fritz Helder. Shit. This album is like a perfect combination of vogue, neon 80s and Grandmaster Flash or something. Anyway, whatever, go listen to it.

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5 Responses to “Officially the hottest track ever right now”

  1. Steve Says:

    Does that mean that you like it or not? I’m confused.

  2. Rob McDougall Says:

    I’d like to like it! The video is good, but the song just doesn’t do it for me.

  3. Clarence Says:

    This reminds me a lot of Zap!

  4. Andrew Says:

    Usually our musical tastes are similar, but this just sucks.

    Also, the new Ashlee Simpson single is dope.

  5. Boris Anthony Says:

    yet more proof of Toronto’s extreme lameness. lame lame lame superficial copy of the real thing, made by a desperate wannabe. which is how Toronto does everything. 😉

    I also I kept expecting the singer to break into “what what? in my butt?”


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